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Ellen Douglas



B.A. Urban Affairs, Virginia Tech, 1984
ARM, Professional  Certification, 2007

Experiencing life as a Navy dependent for her first eighteen years, Ellen came to Blacksburg and promptly settled in for the long haul.  As a student at Virginia Tech in the early 1980’s, she gained an appreciation for the vitality and beauty of this special community and its people.  

Virginia Tech has offered many wonderful opportunities such as, working on the original Implementation Study for the Corporate Research Center,  working in several positions of increasing responsibility in the Physical Plant (now Facilities) area where she developed as a person and gained a sincere appreciation for the men and women that build, maintain and keep the university operating on a daily basis; working in the Office of Risk Management focusing primarily on claims management during the first several years and now as the Associate Director with greater responsibility in the areas of Insurance Program administration and Student Medical Insurance - all of these opportunities have presented unique challenges and have also provided great rewards.

What I would like to gain from this program:

I am excited about the prospect of participating in the Executive Leadership Institute because I would like to continue to be an active participant in positive growth and change here at Virginia Tech.  I believe that my participation in the EDI will help me continue to develop, enhance and refine my leadership skills.  I look forward to learning more about the complexities of organizational communications and gaining insights into the university that will enable me to make contributions in the work place.